Astonishing Pyrotechnics
Longer than other displays
LED's per display
Over 3000 pyros per plane
Night Flying / Pyrotechnics / Aerobatics / Formation Flying
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Displaying Worldwide
Night Flying
Daytime Displays
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AeroSPARX 360 LIVE STREAM at RAF Cosford
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The team has for many years enjoyed inspiring and engaging with its audiences whether old or young we have something for all.

AeroSPARX have always been originator’s and to continue this tradition we offer a package of technological and traditional tools to engage in ways not possible by others, so offering schools, clubs, youth groups, organisations and partners something different.

Aviation 360 is a package of elements, technology and connection points to help inspire, engage, educate, teach and have fun, creating a partnership strategy for longer term growth and development for all.




LIVE stream 360 and mobile apps “Airshow Live”

How many people would like to experience the aeroSPARX world but never thought it possible?

With mobile technology and mobile applications it is now possible. Fly with us in real time LIVE from inside the cockpit in full 360 immersive, interactive mode through your mobile phone, social media or You Tube anywhere in the world live. 

WOW!  What a great way to have fun and engage a younger more diverse audience.



VR Smart Spots

You can walk around the aeroSPARX aircraft with your mobile and simply point and interact in ways never done before. How about interactive events, air shows, airports, museums or even your local shopping centre, school with the “Airshow live” app experience the fun and power of a VR Smart Spots.

Explore the world of VR with a selection of 3D models of some cool aviation related subjects or none aviation, helping to educate, teach and inspire a career choice.

Simply - find the “Aviation 360” VR Smart Spots and start exploring.



Road Shows (Aviation 360)

Air shows, airports and other aviation events interact with audience of millions, but how many are truly mainstream focused?

Aviation 360 events are designed to be self contained, whilst creating engagement, educating and entertaining a mainstream audience in a new and commercial way.

These events work with industry to offer opportunities for self development within aviation and outside.



Education / STEM

AeroSPARX can create unique experiences for all, whilst helping them to learn and discover there journey path, develop skills and knowledge.

We offer talks, lessons, projects, 360 engagement, LIVE streaming, VR or even a 360 Fullmax cube experience. Creating packages to teach STEM related subjects in a fun, unique and enjoyable environment.

Working with , local authorities, national organisations and partners throughout the community for a rounded approach creating a better return on the investment.



AeroSPARX Ambassadors

We have a number of team pilots and members that we class as aeroSPARX ambassadors who are happy to work with your needs to create professional and enjoyable experiences encompassing all we have on offer. All with teaching and learning expertise.



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